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06 June 2017 We opned shares for Sell, we will open our market shares after 15 day from now. when we open it the price of shares will be 0.075$ and will reach 0.24$. you can buy now shares with 0.05$ for each share and sell them later. to buy shares now with low price (0.05$) you need to buy an upgrade with 0.33$.
20 May 2017 Hello, Good day For All Our Members. And The next coming days we will Deliver you More earnings in a random day, We hope you a happy Time with us.
13 May 2017 Hello, We want to thank you because, because of you Byteverts Now is going up. and going to be the #1 PTC For 2017 and 2018 and the next coming years. So that we want to thank you for being part of this.
23 April 2017 Hello, The next week we will Deliver you More earnings in a random day, it could be monday, tuesday or wednesday, ect... to the end of the week, We hope you a happy weekend and a happy coming week.
19 April 2017 In his first days Byteverts Got more than 2500 user. we are going Good with your help, We want to thank all our users.
14 April 2017 Welcome To Byteverts, the best PTC that pays Dollars Per 25 seconds you spend in viewing ads, so we have planned to make Byteverts lasts for years with strong strategies of working, Welcome again to Byteverts and we hope you live a good experience with us.
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